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We now supply *BARE BULBS* to fit to your old Lamp Module, as well of course, as our FULL range of Complete Projector Lamps, both Originals and Compatibles.


To find ALL of the lamp and bulb options available for your Projector in one go, simply Select your Projector Manufacturer above and Click the 'Next' button.

ALL of the lamp units we supply are BRAND NEW.
If you buy a COMPLETE lamp unit from us, be it an ORIGINAL or a COMPATIBLE - the whole lamp unit is a BRAND NEW manufactured item, i.e. both the Lamp Housing and the Bulb are BRAND NEW.
If you buy a BARE BULB from us, this will be a BRAND NEW OSRAM or PHILIPS bulb which will need fitting to your old Lamp Module - Either you can do this yourself (if you have basic fixing skills), or we can do it for you as a separate service in which case please see our product code 'BULBFIT' for further details.