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We supply three types of lamp modules :
(O)riginals, REA(L)AMPS, and Branded (C)ompatibles.

If your projector is in warranty still, you may wish only to purchase an (O)riginal Lamp.


 To make significant cost savings however, and still obtain the same performance as an

(O)riginal lamp, you may wish to consider one of our REA(L)AMP units. Using the same BULB as an (O)riginal, you can be certain of like-for-like performance as an (O)riginal.


If you are simply looking for the cheapest lamp available for your projector, and want the quality assurance that a branded unit delivers, then an APO (C)ompatible is the lamp for you.

All of our lamps are complete lamp units (ie bulb plus mounting) and are brand new manufactured units ready to fit into your projector as per the directions in your projector manual.

(Please note, we do not sell any kind of refurbished units on this site)

(O)riginal lamp units are the Standard units as specified for your Projector by the manufacturer. Warranties on Original lamps vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and are typically 90 days.

Our bulk-buying power means that we can offer (O)riginals at the best possible prices, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you see a better price elsewhere, and we will do our utmost to beat it!

REA(L)AMPS use the same bulb as an (O)riginal lamp unit and therefore deliver the same performance as an (O)riginal but save on cost by using a compatible housing.
Manufactured by APO to ISO9000 standards our REA(L)AMPS are significantly cheaper than Originals and are backed by a full 90-day warranty.

(C)ompatible lamp units utilise a generic bulb within a compatible housing and offer 'similar' performance to an (O)riginal lamp unit.
Our branded compatibles are manufactured by APO to ISO9000 standards and are therefore of the highest quality, and carry a full 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

We strongly advise against buying unbranded compatible lamps as the quality of unbranded products out there in the marketplace are often of dubious origin and may damage your projector.


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APO Compatible Lamps


We stock APO Branded Compatible Lamp Modules including the new 'Genuine' range which incorporate Original Bulbs in a compatible housing.

SAVE up to 60% against Originals

3800 Projector Models Covered

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